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of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rwanda & Germany

Video-Production 2020/21:

Premiere on 31st January 2021

Aftermath deals with an idea of comparison the question of reconciliation and forgiveness in Rwanda and Bosnia and Herzegovina through two confessions: one of a perpetrator, the other of a son of a convicted war criminal. Stories become mirrors.



Clouding memories of home:

What is home for someone, who lost it? Out of interviews with the Bosnian diaspora, living in Munich, we asked ourselfs, what is home for us? Based on our exchange, poetry, dance and music


Shared Stories deals with experiences on the topics of war, genocide, diaspora and home in relation to the conflicts in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Rwanda in the 1990s. In the very first exchange between Bosnian, Rwandan and German artists, personal experiences, thoughts and visions in different settings were exchanged online and artistically processed. With the kind support of the German Embassy of Sarajevo and the Ministarstvo kulture i sport Kantona Sarajevo artists from the three participation countries developed artistic material in remote online exchange and created two videos. Both videos show artistic and documentary contributions from all three participating countries. A total of 15 dancers, authors, musicians and filmmakers were involved.

a project of

The Grey Stories (Germany)

Mashirika Performing Arts and Media Company (Rwanda)

SARTR / Sarajevo War Theatre (Bosnia-Herzegovina)


Composition: Basheskia & Edward EQ (Nedim Zlatar, Leonardo Šarić), Konstantin Dupelius, Peace Jolis, Moise Mutangana, Asmir Šabić, Donia Sbika


Authors: Hope Azeda, Donia Sbika, Nedim Zlatar


Acting and voices: Hope Azeda, Benjamin Bajramović Kennedy Mazimpaka

Dance: Donia Sbika, Jihad Niyonkuru


Camera & editing: Lamia Šabić, Vanessa B. Alcaide, Cyamwa Manasseh, Eric Thierry

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